Your decision to take advantage of our offer on this Website implies the acceptance of the following conditions and any PO placed will be strictly regulated by them. Therefore, by accessing this Website and / or by placing a PO, you accept these terms and conditions. Otherwise, you couldn't use, access this Website and place POs.

1 This Website is owned by IMMAGINA, a company headquartered in 21052 Busto Arsizio (Varese) Italy, Via Petrella, 18. It's registered in the Register of Companies under no. RMRMRT70S21B300D, VAT no. 02219180128.

2 IMMAGINA reserves the right to change at any time, temporarily or permanently, the following conditions and / or the sales prices without prior notice in writing unless the rights acquired by the Buyer upon payment of the PO. The Buyer must check in real-time any change in terms and conditions, committing himself/herself to abandon the Website if he/she doesn't agree with this condition.

3 IMMAGINA offers only high quality items, purchased directly from the manufacturer or from selected retailers and according to stringent quality controls. It's not provided the sale of used, not regular or poor quality products. The tag identifies the item. It's an integral part and cannot be absolutely removed.

4 At the time of your registration, i's guaranteed the authenticity of the personal information you provide in all aspects. You also undertake to immediately notify us any changes made to the above personal information by sending us an e-mail or by updating your account information

5 You undertake not to register on behalf of others or to use a false name, data or information that you cannot us

6 When placing a PO, you guarantee to be at least 18 years and to have all the legal requirements to undertake commitments. You also guarantee to be a consumer under Article 3 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code) and to own the e-mail address used during the registration process. You also undertook to review and accept the rights and obligations arising from your 

7 At the time of payment, the Buyer warrants to own a credit card and to have enough credit to cover all costs related to the PO and stated in the details of the cart.

 8 - POS
8.1 All items are offered for sale according to their availability at time of the PO and confirmation of the same by IMMAGINA.

8.2 No PO shall be considered as accepted by IMMAGINA until its confirmation. At its unconditional discretion, IMMAGINA has the right to accept or not, from time to time, a PO from any buyer. If the item is unavailable, in case of the lack of solvency requirements of the Buyer or for any reason whatsoever IMMAGINA decides not to confirm the PO, IMMAGINA will inform the Buyer by e-mail within 30 days and any amount received by IMMAGINA will be reimbursed according to the same terms

8.3 Any communication published on the Website or sent to consumers by IMMAGINA, which contains descriptions, specifications, drawings, photos and prices of the items for sale, are published for information only. IMMAGINA reserves the right to carry out minor modifications in drawings, photos or specifications of the items for sale without informing the Buyer, deemed them as accepted by the Buyer if he/she does not receive written communication by the latter on the contrary within 7 days from date of shipmen

8.4 If IMMAGINA accepts a PO by the Buyer and then this cannot be executed for reasons beyond its will and control, the Buyer, who has agreed the refund of the amount paid to the Company, will consider it as a total definition and closure of any claim against the Company for non-dispatch.

 9 - Price and Payment
The Buyer will pay the price indicated in addition to shipping expenses as described in the procedures for purchase of the Website. The price paid by credit card will be charged upon completion of the PO. 

The Buyer, outside the European Union States, will bear any additional burdens and / or import taxes in force in its territory, as IMMAGINA is not aware.

 10 - Shipping

10.1 The destination of the shipment will be indicated by the Buyer when the PO is placed through the purchase process.

10.2 Any date shown for shipping is only indicative and should not be considered as an essential element of the purchase agreement. IMMAGINA shall not be liable for costs or losses incurred by the Buyer as a result of the delay in delivery of the shipment for any reason.

10.3 The Buyer must check the contents of the shipment upon arrival and, if sent through a courier, sign the document stating the acceptance of the shipment. This document will constitute the clear proof of receipt of items listed in good condition and free from visible defects. The Buyer will not reject or abandon the shipment or any part thereof. If items received or some of them have obvious defects or damages caused during shipment, the Buyer agrees to provide a written description of the defects in the shipping document at the time of delivery prior to signing, also informing IMMAGINA.

10.4 If the PO involves more items, IMMAGINA reserves the right to deliver them in batch deliveries. If the items are delivered in batches, each shipment constitutes a separate contract. The Buyer couldn’t consider the contract of the total amount of the PO in its entirety as refused if IMMAGINA fails to deliver any batch or if the buyer claims all or more than one batch of delivery.

10.5 No return will be carried out by the Buyer outside of the Return Conditions detailed in the section 13.4.

 11 - Liability

11.1 IMMAGINA is not liable for partial shipments or item defects in the absence of written notice by the Buyer (to be sent within 7 days from the receipt of the shipment) as described in section 10.3. In any case, the complaint must indicate the invoice number, the shipment number and the date in addition to the detail of the complaint. If the complaint is considered justified, at its discretion, IMMAGINA can replace the item or refund the Buyer. IMMAGINA shall not be liable for more facts relating to the same PO.

11.2 IMMAGINA shall not be liable for any event involving loss, damage, costs or expenses (including loss of profit) depending, directly or indirectly, by events outside the reasonable control of IMMAGINA, including strikes, industrial action, lack of electricity supply, supplies or equipment, government actions or force majeure or natural disasters.

 12 - Privacy

12.1 All personal and confidential information will be protected and handled according to regulations. The data will be stored in a secure server according to Law.

12.2 When ordering, you will enter your personal information such as your name, address, e-mail, telephone, TIN or VAT, items code, credit card and other data relating to the payment and password.

12.3 You are advised that the Website is monitored and may capture information about your visit, which will help IMMAGINA to improve the quality of the service.

12.4 We confirm that any personal data that will be provided (or available in public registers) and any user information, from which he/she can be identified, will be used for the following activities:


12.4.1 - PO Process.


12.4.2 - Statistical analysis carried out in order to improve our service.


12.4.3 - Service on the Website contents and communications to customers.


12.4.4 - Administration of the Website.


12.4.5 - Information on promotions and communications, with the consent of the public or customers.

12.5 We use cookies to keep track of your shopping session in order to personalize your experience of visit the Website and to be able to find your shopping cart. If you do not accept cookies, you will not be able to use the Website.

12.6 At any time, you can request for cancellation or opposition to the processing of your personal data for advertising and promotional purposes or request the list of beings responsible for its treatment by writing to

13 - Purchasing items

13.1 - POS
We will have all reasonable care, to the best of our ability, in keeping the details of your PO and payment secure, but in the absence of our negligence, we cannot be held liable for any loss the Buyer may suffer if third parties carry out unauthorized access to any data you entered during login or the execution of the PO on the Website.

13.2 - Creating a PO and purchase agreement
The steps required for the processing of your PO are:

13.2.1 -Registering the Website

13.2.2 - Ordering the items selected on the Website by clicking the order confirmation button at the end of
    the check-out process. 
    You will be guided in the selection and purchase process by a series of simple instructions on the Website.

13.2.3 - Paying the charges by credit card in safe and Secure Socket Loyer (SSL)
    encrypted mode. 
    The data entered into the payment system will not be recorded or known by IMMAGINA.

13.2.4 - You will receive an e-mail in order you can take note of your PO, in which will be specified the details
    of the items ordered.
    This e-mail is not a PO confirmation or PO acceptance by IMMAGINA.

13.2.5 - At the time of delivery of the ordered items from our warehouses, you will receive a PO and dispatch
    confirmation e-mail.

13.2.6 - The non-acceptance of a PO may be the result of one of the following conditions: - The item ordered became unavailable for any reason. - IMMAGINA cannot obtain the authorization of your PO payment.  - An error in the identification of the price or in the description of the item ordered. - The Buyer does not acquire the ability to further order in relation to the Terms and Conditions described.

13.2.7 - The contract will be concluded in English or Italian.

13.3 - PO Cancellation
The Buyer has the right to cancel any order for items for which have found errors or quality defects as soon as possible after determination. It is assumed that the Buyer has checked the items in a reasonable time after receipt of the shipment and that the defect or damage is mild or remedied with adjustment at the minor cost to and from IMMAGINA.

PO cancellation must be notified from time to time promptly to IMMAGINA through the Website.

In case of PO cancellation, IMMAGINA reserves the right to deduct from any debt due to the Buyer (or charge the Buyer in this case) a sum equivalent to the cost of shipping applicable in case of return of the items ordered to IMMAGINA. In addition, IMMAGINA will refund all sums paid to the Buyer than the items ordered.

13.4 - Right of withdrawal
The Buyer has the right to cancel the contract within 10 days from the date of delivery and without specifying the reason, if the items are intact as provided for in Art. 12.5 and following ones. This right shall be exercised solely and exclusively as a result of the procedure performed on the Website, section "My Returns", and after having received an e-mail with instructions and the return number, which must absolutely be indicated on the package. The costs and risks associated with the return shall be borne by the Buyer. It is not permitted the replacement of the returned items with other ones.

13.5 - Returns
All items that the Buyer decides to return to IMMAGINA must be returned intact, never used (except in the case of defect found and ascertained after use) and in their packaging and / or original bags.
All items (except the faulty ones) must be received by IMMAGINA in undamaged and original packaging, provided with its identification tag, in the absence of which IMMAGINA reserves the right to reject all or part of the crediting of the amounts due, in accordance with the agreements on the return of items ordered. The cost of return shipping is at charge of the Buyer, except in case of failure of the products purchased.
If the return is carried out in compliance with all terms and procedures, the Buyer will be notified by e-mail and advance payments by the Buyer will be reimbursed within 30 days after receiving the product. However, if the return is not accepted for non-compliance with provisions of these conditions, the Buyer will be entitled to receive the item returned as it is. Otherwise, IMMAGINA can hold the items returned together with the amounts paid.
ATTENTION: before sending the items, you should make sure:
. you have performed the return procedure explained on the Website, section "My returns";
. to use the same packaging of the shipment received;
. to include in the package a copy of the e-mail received whose object was " - Confirmation of PO return request";
. you have verified that the return number is written on the package and made visible. The return number is indicated in the e-mail received whose object is " - Confirmation of PO return request";
. that all labels, fabric or pendants are perfectly intact and not removed from the item;
. that the items are placed in an orderly manner, in exactly the same conditions in which they were shipped and received in the same original packaging;
. that any item to be returned is perfectly intact, it has not been worn, washed, ironed or treated in any way;
. that the parcel containing the returned item is physically delivered to courier (authorized to carry out direct shipments) within max. 10 days from the receipt date. We remember that the shipping costs shall be borne by the customer and the amount will be deducted from the payment carried out.


- The package containing the return items travel at the risk of the customer; IMMAGINA cannot therefore be liable for any loss, damages for improper packing and delay in delivery to our stores.
- Delivery of parcels without the return number will be refused.

13.6 - Description of the items
IMMAGINA will pay special attention to ensure that every detail, description and price of the items published on the Website are correct at the time in which information is entered into the system of the Website. Although it will be done the utmost to keep the Website updated as much as possible, the information including descriptions of the items that appear on the Website at certain times may not match with the exact positioning expected at the time of order placement. IMMAGINA cannot confirm the price of any item to the buyer until the PO is not accepted under the conditions and the buying process described above.

14 - General

14.1 - Intellectual property and use rights 


14.1.1 - It is acknowledged and agreed that all intellectual property rights, copyright, trademark and any material
    or content supplied as part of this Website is the exclusive property of IMMAGINA and its licensors or licensees.
­    It's permitted the use of such content or materials 
    solely and exclusively with the expressed authorization by IMMAGINA or its licensors or licensees.


14.1.2 - - It is recognized and accepted that the material and content of this Website are designed 
    for your personal, non-commercial use only and, if necessary, such material and content can 
    be downloaded only and exclusively on a hard drive computer for that purpose. 
    Any other use of materials and Website content is strictly prohibited. You agree not to copy, not to assist or facilitate
    any third party to:
    reproduce, post, publish, distribute, commercially exploit or create derivative works from this material and content.

14.2 - Compliance with Laws and Regulations
This Website may be used exclusively for legal purposes and in a legally correct manner. 
You agreed to work with this Website in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, in terms of how to
conduct the transaction 
and as part of the Website.

14.3 - Limitation of Liability

14.3.1 - While IMMAGINA will use all reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of any information appearing
    on the Website, it is not given express or implied warranty regarding its accuracy.
    The Website is provided in that condition under which is available without any
    representation, statement or commitment. IMMAGINA doesn't supply any warranty about this Website, namely
    the Websites accessible through hyperlinks (links) or in respect of transactions that can be carried out or in
    relation to possible breaches of law,
    compatibility, security, accuracy, completeness conditions or any warranty arising from the acting manner or use
    or trade.

14.3.2 - IMMAGINA doesn't guarantee that the Website will meet the expectations of anyone who accesses
    it or that it will not be temporary stopped or characterized by errors, that defects will be corrected, 
    or that the Website or the server that make it available are free of viruses or bugs or that it is fully functional,
    accurate and reliable. IMMAGINA will not be liable or obligated to anyone for any
    failure, loss of content or material.

14.3.3 - IMMAGINA disclaims, to the maximum intent applicable by law, all warranties, either expressed or implied,
    with respect to products sold. This doesn't mean reduction or denial of all rights of the consumer or disavowal
    of the rights of contractual cancellation of POs.

14.4 - All the conditions
These conditions govern the relationship between IMMAGINA and who has access to this Website and the Buyer. Any change in these conditions must be expressed in writing and signed by both parties. In this logic, we can both avoid any problem related to what is within our mutual expectations, namely what we expect each other to do. The rights conferred by law are safe.

14.5 - Applicable Law
These conditions are governed by Italian law and who has access to this Website, namely the Buyer, agrees to meet them and the sole and exclusive jurisdiction belongs to the Court of Busto Arsizio (Varese) Italy.

14.6 - Contacts
IMMAGINA – sede legale – Via Petrella,18 , 21052 Busto Arsizio (Varese) Italia www.