What’s inside a photographer?
Recent sudies, inspired by evolutionist Darwinian theory, showed the effettive morphological transformation of the
photographer’s species’ cranium.
It’s about the progressive disappearing of one of the two ocular cavities, in favour of a monocular view.
The decomposing of epidermis and subcutis, after decease, will show a skull that’s different from human race.
Once analized structural/biological aspect, immaterial psycological context should be deepened.
Elements there would be many, starting with the immediate dependence on photography, that accompanies every subject
throughout his life. Of note, the dire necessity to satisfy the need of communication between the inner world and the
outer world.
Hence the need for a second “skin” to demonstrate in a direct and immediate - through the use of symbols explicit and
graphically appealing - their sense of belonging to the species.
The T-shirt was made like a tool (almost like a blank sheet of paper on which to express themselves) to say something
about the wearer and, in the case of photographers, there has never been a brand that accomunasse them in the shared
sense of pride in knowing how to use a camera or a mobile phone in a creative way.
The brand “Photographers ‘Skins’ is not the product of a multinational clothing but the idea of a photographer / graphic
in the seventh grade fell in love with photography. E ‘curious to discover that his studio, where everything is born, originally
housed a warping, a true return to basics.
Being one of the founders of the Photographic Italian and have known over the years photographers of all kinds and
nationalities, sets the stage for a promotion that will be known to an audience and extremely vast.
The sale of T-shirts will be in the office of Busto Arsizio and through the web, from over 4,500 email contacts in the
world, in addition to the support of a network of friends in New York, Miami, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris to
participate in the brand awareness.